Effective Communicators :

Convey information and emotion through written, verbal and visual mediums using a range of media and technology

Write and speak using grammatically correct language that is appropriate to its audience

Listen carefully and be respectful of differing points of view

Be able to ask relevant questions to achieve insight


Responsible Citizens and Team Members :

Show respect and care for personal property and that of others’

Take responsibility for their actions

Demonstrate awareness and appreciation for the diversity of others

Respect individual rights, including listening respectfully while others speak.


Complex Thinkers / High Achievers :

Access and process information using relevant modern technology

Solve problems using a range of different strategies

Develop educated opinions , use knowledge to solve problems

Make decisions or observations based on justifiable rationale


Responsible, Self-Directed Learners

Use goal-setting strategies to assess priorities and take responsibility for their own learning

Demonstrate strong work and study habits and effective time management

Embrace teamwork, motivation and discipline including accepting individual and group responsibility