ALBA International Secondary School is based in downtown Yangon, near Peoples’ Park. We offer a curriculum based on the Cambridge International Education (UK) model and our classes are conducted almost entirely in English.

Year 7-9 are taught almost exclusively by foreign teachers who are native-speakers, though occasionally by a bi-lingual teacher whose English is at the level of a native speaker.

IGCSE 1 & 2 (Years 10-11) are taught by a mix of highly qualified local teachers, many with a Ph.d, who are former university teachers. IGCSE English is always taught, however, by a native-speaking teacher.

The Year 9 Achievement tests and IGCSE exams are certified by Edexel. In the 2 years of our Secondary school program, our students have been scoring well above average on these exams.

Though we have some expat children and students who have transferred from the local Myanmar school system, the great majority of our students are native to Myanmar and have been in either in ALBA’s or other local school’s international program for years.

Our school has a colorful mixture of Myanmar ethnic groups and religions, all of which we are committed to treating equally and fairly.

It is not our desire to simply teach students to retain information; rather, we hope to instill an ability to use information purposefully and creatively.