Principal’s Statement

Though ALBA has been offering Primary school and early Secondary school education for 10 years, this (2015-2016) is only our 2nd year of offering Secondary Years 7-9 plus a 2 year IGCSE program.

We are still a relatively small school, at about 110 students, and offer small class sizes, a curriculum based on Cambridge and Pearson materials, and exams certified by Edexcel.

In more general terms, we strive for an atmosphere that is both academically demanding and fun for students, and that combines discipline and freedom in ways that students need in order to mature . . . especially as they consider going to school in the West, or in English-speaking countries.

In short, we ask: what must your children learn to take their place in the modern world and how can we feed the sense of curiosity they will need as life-long learners: wherever that will take them, whatever their professional field will be.

All our classes are taught in English by attentive, qualified, caring, and professional teachers. We respect the sacrifices that parents often have to make in order to send their children to an international school— and we are determined to make sure that your children are getting the maximum benefit.

We do not shy away from innovation and we attend to students as individuals as much as possible.

Our school does not shy away from being direct in communicating with parents. In fact, we welcome feedback from parents who are truly interested in their child’s development and we make our best effort— teachers, staff, and administration— to make school-time a memorable and productive experience for your child.

Kenneth Travers